Lab Armor Beads, 2L (1x2L)

Lab Armor

Lab Armor® Beads, by their design, provide a concurrent thermal and antimicrobial activity that efficiently shields the lab and personnel from invading organisms while thermally heating or cooling like water in any standard water bath, heat block or ice bucket.

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    Lab Armor Beads, 2L (1x2L)

    SKU: 42370-002
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    Lab Armor Beads, 8L (2x4L)

    SKU: 42370-008
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    Lab Armor Beads, 0.75L

    SKU: 42370-750
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    Lab Armor Beads, 4L (1x4L)

    SKU: 42370-004
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    Lab Armor Bead Bath 14L with Beads

    SKU: 74309-714
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    Lab Armor Bead Bath 20L with Beads

    SKU: 74309-720
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    Lab Armor Bead Bath 6L with Beads

    SKU: 74309-706
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    Bead Block – Single, Black

    SKU: 52100-BLK
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  • p-3402-t-16701-630.jpg

    Bead Block – Single, Blue

    SKU: 52100-BLU
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