SMI39 SHEL LAB Digital Laboratory Incubator, 38.6 Cu.Ft. (1092 L)

Large Laboratory Incubator - 30 - 39 cubic feet

The Models SMI31 and SMI39 incubators provide extra large capacities while minimizing the amount of floor space needed. The temperature in this large space is kept uniform by integrating a highly responsive microprocessor with an appropriately sized heating element. An independent secondary temperature controller offers the added security of over temperature protection.

Our unique forced air circulation system creates a one-pass circulation pattern that provides both exceptional temperature uniformity and rapid heat recovery. The chamber floors are ruggedly reinforced to support roller apparatus or shakers. The units are supplied with six sturdy shelves that will not sag or bend under heavy loads.

The General Purpose Incubator Family ranges in size from 2 to 39 cu.ft. This this superior line of incubators has created a level of comfort and convenience for professionals that is unrivaled.

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  • SMI39 SHEL LAB Digital Laboratory Incubator, 38.6 Cu.Ft. (1092 L)

    SKU: SMI39
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  • SMI31 SHEL LAB Large Laboratory Incubator, 30.8 Cu.Ft (872 L)

    SKU: SMI31
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