SSI5 SHEL LAB Floor Model Shaking Incubator, 5 Cu.Ft. (144 L)

Shaking Incubators

Shaking incubators, also know as environmental shakers, are often used for cell culturing, cell aeration, and solubility studies. In addition to stable temperature conditions, they use an orbital agitation at variable speeds to affect the growth of cell cultures. This is why the SHEL LAB SSI5 and SSI5R Shaking Incubators have adjustable stroke lengths to accommodate various cells and applications. This gives flexibility in adjusting the speed and orbit to meet each application. All models come equipped with a universal shaking platform, independent alarms, and microprocessor controls for temperature and speed adjustment.

Applications include: Cell Cultures, Cell Aeration, Microbiology, Increasing Solubility Rates, Metabolism Studies, Bacterial Cultures, Bacteriology

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  • p-2026-SI6_d.jpg

    SSI5 SHEL LAB Floor Model Shaking Incubator, 5 Cu.Ft. (144 L)

    SKU: SSI5
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  • ssi10r

    SSI10R Large Refrigerated Incubator Shaker

    SKU: SSI10R
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    SSI10 Large Capacity Incubator Shaker, 10.3 Cu.Ft. (293 L)

    SKU: SSI10
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    SSI2 SHEL LAB Mini Shaker

    SKU: SSI2
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  • p-2041-SI6_d-01.jpg

    SSI5R SHEL LAB Refrigerated Shaking Incubator, 5 Cu.Ft. (144 L)

    SKU: SSI5R
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    SSI3 SHEL LAB Benchtop Shaking Incubator, 3.3 Cu.Ft. (92 L)

    SKU: SSI3
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  • p-2978-SI6_d-02.jpg

    SSI5R-HS SHEL LAB Floor Model Shaking Incubator, 5 Cu.Ft. (144 L), 30-850 RPMs

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