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Innovative Solutions to Unique Challenges


Sheldon Manufacturing specializes in producing innovative solutions to customer needs. Our equipment can be designed with custom elements or enhanced via retooling services. We understand customer needs are unique and subsequently offer a large variety of custom solutions in data collection, power supply, pumps, and capacity options.
In addition, Sheldon Manufacturing works with partners to expand our capabilities and provide more sophisticated instrumentation for both industrial quality assurance and research laboratories.
Cascade TEK manufacturers high quality forced air and vacuum ovens. Offering custom solutions for large variety of applications.
SHEL LAB. SHEL LAB produces high-performing laboratory equipment, focusing on testing protocols and sample storage. This equipment includes ovens, incubators, refrigerators, humidity cabinets, and water baths.
BACTRON. BACTRON specializes in Anaerobic Chambers with precise environmental control.
Lab Armor. Beads and other bath replacements are Lab Armor's specialty. Lab Armor products save money, cut testing time, and improve result accuracy.

Some of our current models began as ideas developed to satisfy extremely specific customer needs. For inquiries on a custom solution to fit your need, please Request Information.

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