Returns are covered by Sheldon Manufacturing in specific circumstances. Damaged products, parts, or defects warrant a return.


  • Return requests must be received by Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. within 30 days of shipment for domestic orders and within 60 days of shipment for international orders. Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • To be considered for return, units or parts must be unused and still in their original packing.
  • A minimum of a 25% restocking fee will be deducted from any credit for return.
  • If return is authorized, an RMA document must be issued before the unit or part is returned.
  • The customer will be responsible for freight to the Sheldon Manufacturing factory in Cornelius, OR.
  • If the unit or part is received by Sheldon Manufacturing in any condition other than new and able to be resold, the restocking fee will be increased after receipt to an amount not less than the cost of repair or replacement.


  • Order cancellation for custom-designed units will incur a penalty, the amount of which will depend on the overall cost of the design process and price of the unit. Custom units that are more than 80% cannot be cancelled.
  • Orders for standard Sheldon units can be cancelled if production has not begun, or if the shipping process has not begun for units in stock. If production has begun, penalties of up to 30% of the purchase price per unit may be assessed.


  • It is the receiving party's responsibility to thoroughly inspect any shipments. If the packing is damaged, the shipment should be refused or the damage noted on any freight documents that are signed. PLEASE NOTE that policies differ between carriers. Visible outside damage, if not refused, must be noted and the carrier notified immediately. If freight is prepaid and added, Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. should be notified immediately of any damage. If shipment is collect or third-party, Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. is held harmless, and the customer should contact their carrier to file a freight damage claim.
  • In cases of concealed damage, the receiver should notify the freight company and distributor immediately if the shipment is collect or third-party to file a freight damage claim. If freight is prepaid and added, notify Sheldon Manufacturing, Inc. immediately.
  • All freight damage should be documented as thoroughly as possible, including photographs from all appropriate angles.

PLEASE NOTE that freight damage is not covered as part of the manufacturer's warranty. Any repair or replacement must be covered by the proceeds of a freight claim with the carrier.

To submit a claim or make a return, click here to fill out the form.

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